Ep. 1: The Second Amendment and the ‘Right’ to Overthrow the Government

When the government tries to usher you into concentration camps, this guy will be there to stop them.

When the government tries to usher you into concentration camps, this guy will be there to stop them.

(intro: 0 – 7 min. Gun rally interviews: 7 min. – 18:48. Powe: 20:42 min. – 30:31 min. Outro: 39:00)

Welcome to the first episode of Blood and Billions. This is going to be a podcast that looks at the different ways control and corruption affect politics, laws, and everyday life. In this episode, I take a look at one of the more interesting aspects of the current con control debate: the growing belief among some gun rights activists that proposed gun control policies are nothing but a way for the government to control and suppress the people – and that the people will soon have to rise up against the government with their assault rifles in hand.


I then talk to Lucas Powe, a Constitutional Law professor at UT Austin who explains his interpretation of the Second Amendment and whether or not it gives an individual the right to bear arms against the government with a weapon of their choice. There is a lot of debate these days about what the Second Amendment means and what its limitations are. And certainly, Powe’s interpretation is not the only one. But he explains what he thinks are the limitations of the Second Amendment when it comes to an individual buying a high-powered weapon and waiting for the government to “come and take it,” which has been a common phrase lately.IMG_0577

Powe also explains his theory as to why there is such a push among gun rights advocates to protect gun rights. Hint: gun manufacturers are funding the NRA to bully politicians so they can sell more guns.

Here are some links that accompany this episode:

Fighting ‘government tyranny’ a growing concern for gun rights advocates

Violence Policy Center: “How the Gun Industry Bankrolls the NRA”

OpenSecrets.org summary of NRA donations



  1. Meat

    I heard you say many times that the current Government and Military has superior fire power so their is no way it would work to stand up against them. In 1776 the largest most powerful military in the world belonged to England.

    • Ray Downs

      Right. But was the disparity in strength between England and the colonies the same as what it is today between your average gun-owner and the entire U.S. military? And I say “average gun-owner” because there is no organized, unified force to compare the original colonies’ militias with. So this really is about individuals and their right to bear arms against the government.

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